William: 1 Year!



It’s hard to believe that a year ago we were at the hospital and William was only a few hours old! Now he’s standing on his own for a few seconds, but he still prefers crawling as his main mode of getting around. William walks behind his shopping cart and while holding our hands.

He spends lots of time playing on his own and has figured out puzzles and putting the different shaped blocks in the correct hole. He babbles a lot, but doesn’t have a whole lot of words. He loves to play outside in the sand box and follow Mahlon around.

He loves oatmeal, fruit, cheese, crackers, and cupcakes! There really isn’t much the kid won’t eat-although he’s not a big meat fan. William has figured out how to take his bib off so meal times are all sorts of messy. He also drinks out of a straw (we bypassed the sippy cups) and will drink lots of water until he thinks it’s fun to spit it out.

William loves to snuggle before his naps and is still sleeping well. He’s got 2 teeth on the bottom. One of his favorite activities is to crawl along the couch and then pretend to sleep. He thinks it’s hilarious when you tell him “Night, night, William.”

William 1yearWilliam cupcake

Happy birthday, sweet boy! You’ve brought immeasurable joy and happiness to our family. I couldn’t imagine us with out you.