William: Five Months Old





What a busy baby we have! He’s now fully rolling over both ways and trying his hardest to crawl. He can do a great superman pose and ‘swim’ his arms and legs. Or he puts his head down and gets his arms and legs under him, but then scoots along on his head. However, William chooses though he definitely moves! He loves to grab his toys and chew on anything he can get his baby hands on. He’s working on getting his pacifier back in his mouth correctly after he pulls it out.

He is super smiley and loves to giggle and laugh when you play with him. His sleeping at night has not been excellent, but we just moved him into his own room so are hoping that helps! He takes pretty good naps and loves to watch Mahlon. Mahlon is always telling him “It’s okay, little guy” when he gets upset and giving him a pacifier or toy. William also follows us around the room with his eyes when we move away and sits up in his high chair while we have dinner. He’s interested in solid foods and has had a few tastes. ┬áHe can’t wait for more!

William loves his feet. He will often be in the ‘happy baby’ pose and will stuff those toes in his mouth any chance he gets. When I put him in his footed sleeper he tries to get his toes in his mouth and has been quite surprised to see that his feet have disappeared! It’s pretty adorable and you can just see the gears turning in his head as he tried to figure out where they have gone.