William: Eighteen Months

Pumpkin Patch (18) Pumpkin Patch (21)

Let’s all just pretend it’s still October 3rd and William is just now 18 months. He weighs 25 pounds and is 32 inches tall. He’s definitely packed on some weight as evidenced by his never ending eating! That boy is always snacking. His current favorite foods are berries, yogurt, applesauce, and cookies. That’s a balanced diet if I ever saw one…

He is still just the happiest little man. He loves to play with Mahlon and has started driving his trucks and making noises. William also loves to open doors, wash his hands, and play peek a boo (or ‘boo’ as he calls it) and chase. He would play in the car all day long or with remotes if I let him. He’s never happier than when he grabs something electronic that he knows he should have.

His language has gotten so much better in the last few weeks. He says “See-soo” for Caesar, signs more, loves ‘buddy’ (buttons), says night night and bye-bye. He can tell us he wants applesauce and cookies. Now he’s starting to mimic other words we say so I know he’ll be talking just as much as his brother soon-heaven help me!

William is still a pretty good napper. He hasn’t quite gotten down to one snooze a day so it’s always a toss up as to when he’ll be tired and what we can get done. ┬áHe’s also a climber and loves to sit on his own at the table to eat. The high chair long ago made an exit and he would much rather just sit on the bench and shovel it in!