5 baby sleeping laminate doorbell surrounds on a marble background

Adding beauty and fun to functional items.

Kathryn Elaine Designs Story

I couldn't find anything but a boring, plastic, no soliciting sign when I needed one to keep our doorbell from ringing. I decided to make one myself and so began Kathryn Elaine Designs. Over the years, I've gone from cutting vinyl for no soliciting signs to laser engraving and expanded my product offerings to wood signs, doorbell surrounds, personalized tumblers, keychains, and luggage tags.

Kathryn in front of a yellow doorTrotec 360 laser

The Team

If you count my two amazing laser machines, there are 3 of us! Plus the support of my kids (who sometimes help with packaging) and my husband (who has more ideas than I can create).

tile photo background with ring doorbell attached and round wooden photo background

Behind the Scenes

I design each product and test it out before using my high tech photography studio (i.e. my backgrounds outside on a sunny day and my phone) to highlight the features each individual item. I love to do custom orders and often get my best ideas from requests from friends and customers.

Wholesale/Bulk Orders

Interested in purchasing a large amount? Have a business logo you need added to your product? Want to carry a product in your shop? Send me an email: kathrynelainedesigns@gmail.com

Discover Kathryn Elaine Designs

Our most popular product is our No Soliciting doorbell surround. Shop the holiday surrounds to dress up your doorbell throughout the year or invest in a classic wooden sign. The luggage tags and small no soliciting tags use the inside portions of the doorbell surrounds to help cut down on waste.